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- Prof. Dr. Jochen Gebauer
- Dr. Jennifer Eck
- M.Sc. Jana Berkessel
- M.Sc. Lucia Boileau
- Dr. Theresa Entringer
- Dr. Tobias Ebert
- M.Sc. Vera Vogel
- M.Phil. Janis Zickfeld
- Alumni & alumnae
Welcome to the Heisenberg-Professorship for
Cross-Cultural Social and Personality Psychology!

We seek to examine comprehensively the two fundamental content dimensions in psychology, the 'Big Two' of agency (influence, resourcefulness, authority) and communion (benevolence, prosociality, honesty).

The Big Two play an utterly central role in social cognition, the self-concept, and personality. We research the Big Two in all three of those historically separated realms. It is particularly important to us that our theoretical and empirical insights not only aid psychology, but also build bridges to the other social sciences, especially sociology and anthropology.

-- Prof. Dr. Jochen Gebauer